Origins of the Blood Beings. Edit

Blood Beings is the term used for specific people born with born with powers beyond that of most other creatures or human beings. Every thousand years, new Blood Beings are born in no specific fashion, meaning anyone could be a Blood Being and not know it. For example, the blood that runs through Thomas Ladies is both SwagMaster and BunsMaster, which should actually kill him, but his durability as a "Child born of the Blood" gives him a unique resistence to the after effects of his bloodline. There are only ten Blood Beings in all: 

Known Blood Beings:

1. Thomas Ladies

2. Ron Clearwater

3. Jared Herps

The rest are unknown for now. 

Properties of BloodEdit

It is said that the blood of a Blood Being is worth "at least a kingdom". This could be an overstatement, but their blood does heal people, either through drinking it or applying it to the wound in question. Their blood is indistinct and does not cause blood clotting, meaning they can give their blood to anyone, and take blood from anyone, as their blood can purify the outside blood and keep from causing blood clotting in themselves. It only takes a vial's worth of blood to heal cuts, but it would take a gallon to mend broken bones. To cure diseases, one needs to fill a cup with the blood of two different Blood Beings(Three if it's something like cancer), which could then lead to adverse side effects for the drinker, as they'd fall into a coma for a minimum of three weeks, and a maximum of two years. But the strangest of all is what has monsters and some humans alike hunting Blood Beings down; if one mixes even a drop of all ten Blood Beings into a container and drinks it they will, possibly, gain immortality. This hasn't been preformed or proven in anyway, but there have been rumors of the first Blood Beings to exist working together to give themselves immortality. According to the story, this ultimately led to their demise as they were not aware that Blood Beings can't use their blood on others of their kind, as it poisons them. 

One can't find out if someone's a Blood Being, as their blood comes up as O- in blood tests of any kind. But a way to know is that when they've come under extreme conditions or try to use their Blood powers; their eyes will turn a dark shade of red and glow in a very distinct manner. Another way is to simply test their blood in healing someone's wounds. 

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