Kilgore Samson I is a goldfish that Thomas Ladies adopted as his son. Tom named him that because he thought it "sounded cool". Most love the name, but Katin and Mart had reacted in distaste to it, though Katin used the name in Thomas Ladies' first genetic son. Kilgore I was killed by Katin in a failed attempt to capture Thomas. 

Skills and AbillitiesEdit

Though this was only hinted to by Tom, and thus was never proven, it was rumored that Kilgore I can read minds thanks to harmless genetic engineering done by Thomas. Though the ability is useless to Kilgore as he is only a fish and can't use this to any actual advantage. When told this, Tom said that "Once I get that fish communicator done, I'll be able to figure out who stole my Coke from my mini fridge."

As Kilgore I is a fish, he can breathe underwater, which is something that was used in the making of Kilgore Samson III.


  • Tom kept Kilgore I in a glass bowl on his desk, but nobody had ever seen him feed it, leading some to think the fish was immortal.
  • Ron Clearwater once took Kilgore I out of it's bowl to make a joke to Thomas, but was then bitten sharply by the fish that had no teeth. When asked about this, Tom will simply shrug.