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On this planet we call Earth, there exists many types of creature besides the homo sapien. These creatures can be the most wonderful types of people you've ever met, or they can be horrible monster people that want to see humanity destroyed in a blaze of firey death. In this world there are not only monsters, but heroes with the ability to counter these freaks of nature, with their special powers, intellect, and massive amounts of enchanted gear they can stop this menace.

Why They Do What They DoEdit

Ladies Inc. was created by Doctor Thomas Ladies in late 2013 to fight against the threat of the monsters that attack mankind. Funded by both the government and a select group of Seers, they fight and kill both to protect the Earth and for a more than decent paycheck. It's a business that most die young in, but it's a risk that most of them are willing to take. 

Latest activityEdit

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