Ron Clearwater is the right hand man to Thomas Ladies, along with being his best friend. Ron isn't the one that Tom would take with him into a fight, however, as Ron has admitted that if things got to a point where they couldn't take, he'd allow Tom to die if it meant his own life. Despite this, Tom and Ron have an excellent relationship and usually get into conversations that can go from making fun of the Illumitardi, to Chewbaca from Star Wars being a figment of Han Solo's imagination. Ron is one the ten Blood Beings. 


Ron is very assertive of his feelings that he'd make a better leader than Thomas, and often tries to take away CEO ownership of Ladies Inc. Even though Ron constantly tries to tell others in the office that he is the CEO, including Tom, him and Tom are still best friends. 

Ron has shown moments of real humanity and even once risked his life for the group. Though he is mostly putting others in danger and rarely fights, once almost getting Thomas and Jared killed to find a Mushroom Soup recipe.

He is somewhat smart and has shown that he can serve very well as a temporary leader, his firm hand able to keep people in line for short periods of time, though these moments don't last long as Thomas has never officially died for longer than 3 minutes.

Skills and AbillitiesEdit

Though Ron has delusions of chivalry, he has proven to be able to know things and never leaps into a situation without thinking, not like Tom who thinks on his feet. Ron can keep his head together quite well in stressful situations. 

Ron is somewhat skillful in using handguns and in the use of a hatchet. Ron once chopped a tree down in one chop of his hatchet. 

Ron is extremely lucky and has been known to slip out of almost improabable situations, having even been able to destroy Mart's vacuum robots in the thousands by being lucky enough to steal an axe that "cuts through them like butter", which he got from a past Blood Child in an alternate dimension in which Thomas had lost control of his powers. 


  • His favorite color is blue.
  • Ron once burnt down an orphanage to receive insurance money that was later ceased by the orphanage that took it's place.
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